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About Us: PantoneWhen the QCM Company (which stands for Quality Controlled Manufacturing) was founded in the Seattle area in 1972, its main focus was the compression molding resins for the snowboard and ski industries of the Pacific Northwest. As that business began to succeed, QCM started manufacturing proprietary plastisol solutions to serve the airplane and shipbuilding industries that, at that time, made up a large part of the manufacturing base in the local area.

As some of these industries began to move offshore, QCM took its knowledge of plastisols in a different direction and began manufacturing plastisol inks to support one of the most recognizable products in the entire world - the screen-printed T-Shirt. These ink products were soon to become the main focus and for the past 37 years. QCM has worked on developing the most user friendly, environmentally conscious, top quality products available anywhere.

Roy Wheeldon, QCM's chief chemist and later, President, led the technical direction of the company. Roy was an ardent environmentalist long before it became fashionable, and strongly believed in corporate and individual responsibility. Roy's mission was not just to make the world's best screen printing ink, but to make the world's most environmentally friendly ink. Under his technical leadership, QCM quickly eliminated heavy metals, chlorinated organic solvents and other nasty chemicals from its chemistry.

QCM inks are the highest quality phthalate free textile screen printing inks in the market today. QCM offers opaque fast-flash inks (XOLB), the world famous Glacier White ink, bleed resistant polyester inks (PERM), opaque Wet-On-Wet inks (WOW), a Pantone® color matching system (QMX), waterbased inks, specialty inks and adhesives.

With Distributors Worldwide, QCM is proud in the knowledge that its products meet or exceed all governmental or state agency rules or regulations concerning product safety and environmental standards. QCM continues to take its environmental responsibilities seriously.

Sadly, Roy Wheeldon passed away in 2009, but his legacy lives on. Roy's environmentalist vision has made QCM the world's fastest growing ink company. Many in the textile printing industry are stunned to find that our "Phthalate free" inks actually work better than the conventional inks they had previously been using from our competitors.

QCM assets were sold to Rutland Holdings in July 2011. Manufacturing of the QCM brand moved to the Rutland manufacturing plant in Pineville, NC. Our mission continues to be to produce the very best environmentally friendly ink on the planet.

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