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Where do I buy QCM Ink?

You can use our Dealer Locator.

Where do I get Pantone formulas for the QMX mixing system?

You can use our Online Mixing Calculator.

Where is QCM manufactured?

The QCM brand is currently manufactured in Pineville, North Carolina. For more information about QCM and the company's history, please see our About Us page.

What if I have a problem and need technical assistance with a product?

Feel free to call us at (800) 438-5134. We're here to help!

Where can I get a color card?

Contact customer service at (800) 438-5134.

What if the distributor closest to me does not have the product I need?

You can use our Dealer Locator to find another neaby dealer or call customer service at (800) 438-5134.

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