Printing: For best results use a flood/print method using a 70 to 80 durometer, squeegee. A print, flash, print is recommended for polyester. 60-110 TPI (23-43 TPcm) screens tightened to 25 newtons are recommended. Coarse meshes are recommended for a thicker ink deposit. The ATP-101 white has excellent adhesion and will produce a long print life on loosely woven nylon substrates. Closed or tight weave nylon shell fabrics (used in jackets) will still require MF-66 Nylon Bonding Agent. WARNING: Some jackets are waterproofed and may prevent MF-66 from bonding. A solvent wipe of the fabric may be required. Stencil: Use any direct emulsion or capillary film. Additives: ATP inks are ready to print. Reduce if absolutely necessary using P-5011 Curable Reducer. Reducing the viscosity will also reduce the opacity and coverage of the ink. Flashing: Depending on your flash unit, ATP Inks will flash in 3 seconds, (10 watts per sq. in/heating area) or 4-5 seconds (6-7 watts per sq. in. /heating area). Cleanup: Use any of the commercially available products for the cleanup of plastisol inks. Environmentally Friendly: QCM Plastisol Ink contains no leaded pigments and, when properly disposed of, has no environmental impact. Use a screen wash for plastisols for cleanup. Scrape screens carefully and store ink for reuse. Minimize unusable scrap ink by segregating ink by color. QCM PPR-901 Black pigment can be used to convert old ink into black ink for waste elimination.


QCM Textile Inks does not knowingly add plasticizers containing the phthalates listed and outlined in California Bill 1108, CPSIA HR-4040 and Oeko-tex Standard 100. The plasticizers identified may include di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP), diisononyl phthalate (DINP), diisodecyl phthalate (DIDP), di-n-octyl phthalate (DnOP), (DIBP) Di-iso-butyl, and (DMP) Dimethylphthalate, including esters of ortho-phthalic acid and are not direct ingredients in the manufacture of Non-Phthalate Inks. QCM does not test the final product for amounts of the aforementioned phthalate plasticizers and esters and encourages all users to conduct testing for their intended use.

Disclaimer: Not all QCM products are available in every country. Please check with your local representative for availability. The data presented are in accordance with the present state of our knowledge, but do not absolve the user from carefully checking all supplies immediately on receipt. We reserve the right to alter product constants within the scope of technical progress or new developments. The recommendations made in this leaflet should be checked by preliminary trials because of conditions during processing over which we have no control. Recommendations for use do not constitute a warranty, either express or implied, of the fitness or suitability of the products for a particular purpose.

Product Overview:

Brand: QCM Inks
Product Code: ATP101
Discontinued: September 1, 2020
Industry: Inks
Application: Screen Printing
Category: White Inks
Chemistry: Plastisol
Substrate(s): Cotton
Best Used By: 12 months
Certification(s): ISO9001


Fusion Temperature: 320°F


After Flash Tack: Decreases with increased mesh


Profile: Square
Type: Polyurethane
Angle: 10° - 20°


Storage Temperature: 65°F - 95°F (18°C - 35°C)
Storage Notes: Store in a cool and dry environment. Keep container tightly closed to prevent from drying and/or contamination.