Plastisol Inks

QCM provides printers with the highest quality plastisol inks in the market, period. Our plastisol white inks give screen printers of any size the widest range of options to print on any substrate.

White Inks

Plastisol White Inks

Choose from a wide range of White inks from QCM that are designed to meet your exacting demands for specific substrates or that can work across many different substrates.

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Specialty Inks

Plastisol Specialty Inks

QCM offers the widest range of specialties to choose from when being just the average is not an option any more. Our specialty inks gives any printer (manual or automatic) the tools to create great art and amazing prints to bring out the best of your creativity and imagination. GL “Glitter Inks” are made with […]

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Stock Colors

Plastisol Stock Colors

QCM offers a wide palette of ready to use plastisol color inks in stock and available readily. These inks are offered in the AX, ATP, WOW and XOLB series. AX Semi-Opaque Fluorescent inks being both fluorescent and semi-opaque,  produce beautiful, even, bright prints. While opaque enough to be printed without the need of an underbase on […]

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Modifiers & Additives

Plastisol Modifiers Additives

QCM special modifiers and additives were formulated to work with QCM screen print inks and mixing systems to allow the textile screen printer to adjust our inks to meet specific application needs.

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Mixing Inks

Plastisol Mixing Inks

QMX is the world’s most accurate and easiest to use Pantone® licensed mixing system for plastisol textile inks. The QMX system consists of 12 phthalate free colored inks, a phthalate free transparent base and a phthalate free white base that can be mixed to create over 1,000 standard colors. QMX is Pantone® licensed and has […]

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