Inks for Polyester


Polyester is a synthetic fabric, engineered for properties that cotton does not offer. It is a more flexible fiber, making the fabric more tear-resistant. Polyester is one of the most challenging fabrics to print on due to dye migration issues caused by heating to around 300 degrees when the dyes start to bleed through. Since this heat is necessary for the ink curing process, it becomes a challenge to print on polyester. Rutland provides you, the printer, with various solutions to overcome such challenges whether you are looking for non-phthalate plastisols or non-PVC inks. To select the right ink for your fabric substrate, there are various factors to consider such as the type and amount of different fibers, process conditions and artwork to print. Choose from the various options below that fits your needs.

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Product Code Product Name Chemistry Category Sub-Category
PER046 PERM- 046 PERMA POLY BASE Plastisol Mixing Inks Base
PER170 PERM-170 PERMA WHITE Plastisol White Inks
XOL966 XOLB-966 BLOCKING GREY BASE Plastisol Specialty Inks Base